Murders at Karlov Manor: An Elves All The Way Down Review

While the set’s focus is very far away from Elf synergies and support, we do have a few gems hidden among the fedoras and spyglasses. There’s even a card that explicitly calls out the number of Elves you control.

Lost Cavern of Ixalan: An Elves All The Way Down Review

Magic: The Gathering’s latest set is a return to the exciting plane of Ixalan. A Mesoamerican-inspired world with added Dinosaurs. I really enjoyed our previous visit to the plane and was quite excited to return in Lost Caverns of Ixalan. I wasn’t doing reviews back then, but the old block provided a few cards we’ve played in Elves over the years.

However, there is one glaring issue with an Elves All The Way Down Review of an Ixalan set: there aren’t any Elves…

Wilds of Eldraine: An Elves All The Way Down Review

Magic: The Gathering has returned to a world of fairytales and knightly courts with its latest set, Wilds of Eldraine. Last time we visited, Eldraine provided us with some of the game’s most infamous mistakes. For this review, we’ll be looking at all of the new Elves (and other support cards) to see if Wilds of Eldraine can outdo its predecessor.