Could we take down Jaws?

It’s tourist season in Amity Island and Jaws is back at it again! Can we stop him before the beach closes for good?

Doctor Who the hell are you?

Which villain would you add to Doctor Who?

With the recent Doctor Who reboot (aptly named Season One), we think it’s high time they added a new villain to the franchise! The only question is: which one?

Can't wait for Pokémon: Cash version

What’s next for Pokémon?

With gaming sensation Palworld (AKA. Pokémon With Guns) sweeping the world of catchable critters, we simply need to know: What is the next big thing for Pokémon?

One Ring, No King, All Zing!

Could we survive The Return of the King?

A poorly-planned siege, a shop opening in Mordor, and a climactic showdown on Mount Doom. In the finalé of this retelling it’s time to find out if we really can destroy The One Ring.

It's the stupidian man!

What changes would you make to humans in the next balance patch?

What is a (hu)man? A miserable pile of tubes. Whether you want more tubes, fewer tubes, or to ignore the tubes completely, you have to agree that humans have room for improvement.

Two Towers? But I only see one...

Could we survive The Two Towers?

Two Towers, One Ring, and Zero Good Ideas. Can we survive The Two Towers when our protagonists don’t even know where the ring is?

The Grinch? More like the b...

How would you do a better job than The Grinch?

We all know how The Grinch FAILED to steal Christmas, so the bar is pretty low here. But that won’t stop us from committing atrocities in attempts we can only describe as “not as good as we thought”.

Nice ring, wanna fight about it?

Could we survive The Fellowship of the Ring?

Once upon a time, our uncle gifted his three niblings a ring of immense power. Those three niblings then required rescuing a lot. The fate of Middle-earth has never been in more incompetent hands!

I'd be Monster Energy, am I right?

Which monster would it be best to be?

If you could be a monster instead of a human, which monster would you want to be and why is it whichever stupid one we picked?

Bake Off of what?

Which fictional character would in Bake Off?

Paul and the gang need contestants for the next season of The Great British Bake Off. Luckily, we know just the people for the show…

No this is Patrick.

Which vehicle is best for the daily commute?

Everybody knows that the worst part of any job is the commute, but due to the premise of the question we do need to do the commute. Thankfully we’ve got a handful of vehicle-like suggestions to make the commute as least bad as possible!