No this is Patrick.

Which vehicle is best for the daily commute?

Everybody knows that the worst part of any job is the commute, but due to the premise of the question we do need to do the commute. Thankfully we’ve got a handful of vehicle-like suggestions to make the commute as least bad as possible!

the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

How would you stop Palpatine and the rise of the Dark Side?

It’s been (at least) 9 films, and we still can’t get rid of that loveable goofball Sheev Palpatine. But can we stop him once and for all?

I sure hope this episode is future-proof!

What is the best future?

You know how there’s a bunch of bad futures in pop-culture? Well which of them is the least bad? Someone should try and make that one happen.

Does whatever a spider can

What Spider-Man would you add to the Spider-Verse?

It’s almost time to head Across The Spider-Verse and see what Spiders the Verse has to offer us, but before then we speculate on the Spider-Mans they should really have added to the movie.

Supermanager, am I right?

What job should Superman actually have?

Surely Superman’s talents are wasted on a career in journalism, but what job would be a better use of his abilities and still give him time to fight crime?

It'sa me.

How would you save Princess Peach?

With Mario busy on the red carpet of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, someone needs to save Peach, and who better than us goombas!

Sh*t's about to get real

What changes would you make to Driving in the next balance patch?

We did such a good job with our Football balance patch last year that we decided to have another crack at it but with Driving this time.

Makes ya think

A Win Stupid Prizes Retrospective

Join us for this behind-the-scenes look at the effort that goes into an episode of Win Stupid Prizes! Learn what makes a good stupid answer? Can we afford a door? And more!

Stop Santa? More like, Cease Clause!

How would you stop Santa Claus?

Last year we tried to do a better job than Santa, but that didn’t work, so this year we’re just outright stopping him. Can three mortal beings stop the seemingly omnipotent being that is Santa, or will he once again prove too much for us? And more importantly, will this mean we’re all getting coal this Christmas?

We've all SEEN actors, but have you ever THOUGHT about actors?

Which actor would have the most confusing life if their films were real?

There are a lot of crazy actors and a lot of crazy films. But which actor would have led the craziest life if ALL their films were true?

Why would I fight the guy from Austin Powers?

Which Hallowe’en villain could you defeat?

It’s only been a year but Britain’s Evil Mastermind, Pwal, has decided to come out of retirement. As a result, he needs to know which horror antagonists can easily be defeated so he doesn’t make their same mistakes.