Best Video Game for NPCs?

Best Video Game to be an NPC in

Instead of playing a video game, imagine if you were just sort of... there. Bear challenges Alex, Eddie, and Pwal to come up with the best video game to be an NPC in! Read More

Cuties of Strixhaven

The year is 2021, and the Hexagorgon team have finally been invited to enrol at magic school. No, you haven't fallen through a wormhole: we're talking about Magic the Gathering. Read More
2nd Best Pokémon

2nd Best Pokémon

Jamie already knows what the best Pokémon is, but what is the 2nd best Pokémon? AJ, Eddie, and Toby put their (2nd) best pitches, forward! Read More
Alrund foretells cuties

Cuties of Kaldheim

Magic: The Gathering is off to Norse-land! The new set promises Viking-inspired sagas and ten whole realms to explore. What better way to mark the occasion than by introducing Kaldheim's cutest cards? Read More