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Who are Hexagorgon?

Hexagorgon is a group of friends who met at the University of Bath and eventually decided we wanted to make things on the internet.

What will you see here?

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No seriously, who are you?


Alex has a lot of half-baked thoughts about video games, and wants to make some of them fully-baked thoughts. They play too much Path of Exile, Runescape and Guild Wars 2.

Portrait of Animal Crossing avatar wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with an A


AKA Over-thinker In Chief. AJ loves listicles, customisation, and board games with nice tactile pieces. Always here for the suboptimal plays “because it fits the fiction”.


Bear is a bear, who everyone thinks is a human. A board game, video game and roleplaying nerd, and definitely not a hacker. A real party animal!

Portrait Dan Shaw


The Web Boffin, head honcho of Hexagorgon.com, which makes sense as he is a Web Developer. He plays a lot of board games, favourites being Patchwork, 7 Wonders & Pandemic Legacy. Expect a few board game reviews from him!


About as close as we get to a boss around here, Eddie tells the nerds what to do based on what other nerds tell him needs doing. Self-proclaimed Champion of Dumb Ideas – the more ridiculous a thing sounds the more likely it was his idea.

Jamieson Lock Dressed up as Red Guy
Jamieson will emerge from his quarantine cocoon soon


Jamieson is an MtG and assorted gaming enthusiast who wants to bring his enjoyment and passion for games to everyone. If someone is missing the joke and taking things too literally, it’s probably him.

Stealing the cheese from a young age


Pwal is the old man of the group while also being under 30. He is one of the only members of the team who still plays Dota and consistantly sucks at MtG. You can hear his wonderful voice in our RPG podcasts.



Toby spends far more of his time staring at lines of code trying to work out what he’s done wrong than he’d like. He’ll be around occasionally, like that friendly uncle you only see at Christmas.