Podcast: Win Stupid Prizes

We ask the questions that nobody thought were worth asking, and win some… unique prizes along the way!

The youngest child did not turn out like the others...

Which fictional family would you choose to be a part of?

We’re often told that you can choose your friends but not your family, but in the world of fiction anything is possible!

Look Mum, I'm in a movie!

Which movie protagonist would YOU replace?

We’ve all imagined ourselves as the main character of a movie. But given the chance, which movie would you swap yourself into?

The Most Beautiful Game

What changes would you make to Football (soccer) in the next balance patch?

The Beautiful Game is about to get a whole lot more beautiful with its next balance patch! But what changes could possibly be made to Football?

One character, one item, one army of minions

How would you do a better job than Santa Claus?

Santa’s monopoly on Christmas has gone too far. Can we figure out a way to provide some competition for Old Saint Nick?

One animal, one week, every month.

What is the best animal to get turned into?

Bear is gaining transforming powers which will force him to turn into one animal for one week every month. Which should he choose?

The Ghostbusters aren't answering their calls!

The Ghostbusters aren’t answering! Who you gonna call?

The Ghostbusters aren’t answering their phone! Who else can Bear, Eddie, and Pwal contact to help deal with Jamie’s haunted flat?

Win Stupid Prizes, Episode 7

If you could have one video game item in real life, which would you pick?

There sure are a lot of items in video games! But if you could bring one video game item into the real world, which one would you choose?

Win Stupid Prizes, Episode 6

Who would ACTUALLY win Super Smash Bros?

From Mario to Mythra, there are a lot of characters in Super Smash Bros. But if they were fighting for real, who would come out on top?

Rule the wor-... country

Which Fictional Villain would be best at running the country?

With Britain’s Evil Mastermind approaching retirement, can we find a suitably villainous candidate to run the country?

I am evitable

How would you stop Thanos?

It took the Avengers 5 years (and half the universe) to defeat Thanos. Can the nerds at Hexagorgon do better and actually stop the Mad Titan?

Best Video Game for NPCs?

Best Video Game to be an NPC in

Instead of playing a video game, imagine if you were just sort of… there. Bear challenges Alex, Eddie, and Pwal to come up with the best video game to be an NPC in!