Magic: The Gathering card art; Prowling Felidar. A horned wolf-like creature carries a large fish.

Cuties of Zendikar

Magic: The Gathering Zendikar Rising's cutest creatures, ranked. Forget rogues, clerics, warriors and wizards; when the going gets tough, turn to these. Read More
Image of Portal

Spectator Mode: Portal | Episode 1

Hello and welcome to Spectator Mode. Portal has been a game that's been fondly in our hearts for years, and we've got approximately a portal's length amount to say on it. So here you go. Read More


Jamie discusses the surprise Banned and Restricted Announcement that hits four formats with eleven bans and talks about his hopes for a healthier Meta. Read More

Welcome to HexaGorgon

What is Hexagorgon? Who are Hexagorgon? And most importantly, why are Hexagorgon? Read More