No this is Patrick.

Which vehicle is best for the daily commute?

Everybody knows that the worst part of any job is the commute, but due to the premise of the question we do need to do the commute. Thankfully we've got a handful of vehicle-like suggestions to make t Read More
I sure hope this episode is future-proof!

What is the best future?

You know how there's a bunch of bad futures in pop-culture? Well which of them is the least bad? Someone should try and make that one happen. Read More
Does whatever a spider can

What Spider-Man would you add to the Spider-Verse?

It's almost time to head Across The Spider-Verse and see what Spiders the Verse has to offer us, but before then we speculate on the Spider-Mans they should really have added to the movie. Read More
The sponsorships module set up over the Terraforming Mars board.

Terraforming Mars: Sponsorships

Sponsorships is a fan-created module for Terraforming Mar. It expands on the Milestones system, allowing more players to share the fun! Instead of rushing just to grab points, you can snag special ben Read More