Makes ya think

A Win Stupid Prizes Retrospective

Join us for this behind-the-scenes look at the effort that goes into an episode of Win Stupid Prizes! Learn what makes a good stupid answer? Can we afford a door? And more! Read More
Stop Santa? More like, Cease Clause!

How would you stop Santa Claus?

Last year we tried to do a better job than Santa, but that didn't work, so this year we're just outright stopping him. Can three mortal beings stop the seemingly omnipotent being that is Santa, or wil Read More
Why would I fight the guy from Austin Powers?

Which Hallowe’en villain could you defeat?

It's only been a year but Britain's Evil Mastermind, Pwal, has decided to come out of retirement. As a result, he needs to know which horror antagonists can easily be defeated so he doesn't make their Read More
I am pretty hungry though...

Which fairy-tale could you win?

Have you ever been cursed by a witch and told you have to fight a poisoned goose or something in order to escape the curse? Well that definitely hasn't happened to us, that'd be ridiculous! Haha... Read More